Thanjavur earlier Tanjore is a beautiful city in Tamil Nadu. During the cholas empire, this city has witnessed the architectural contribution and now it has become the city's prestige.

Introducing Thanjavur

The vibrantly rich paintings from the city are the most demanded and talked across the world and somewhere it show the real passion from the artworkers who have been living from a longtime.

Heritage Places / Sightseeing in Thanjavur

  • The Cholas' grand Brihadishwara Temple, and Thanjavur's royal palace

    are excellent examples vaunting the royalty of that period.Both are venerated among the visitors where devotees pray almost everyday.The construction in said to be in the 14th century and Nayakas started it and later Marathas also contributed it.

  • Art Gallery collection of bronze icons,sculpture are all harking back to the glorious past.
  • Samudra Beach The least visited of the three beaches; Samudra beach is more popular among the local fishermen than tourists. The beach is located at the northernmost side and is ideal for those who find idling on the sun-kissed sand in isolation more important than otherwise.
  • Schwartz Church reflects the most extravagant legacy of Tanjore glorious past. It is an imperial building supposed to be constructed in 18th century by Reverend Frederik Christian Schwartz, in 1779 and that is why it is also known as Schwartz Church.