Cherish the striking similarities between India and Nepal, as you roam about their roads and meet their amicable people. Book our India Nepal tour for a back to back exclusive experience of India and Nepal!

Often referred to as the mini-India, Nepal resembles India in many ways in terms of culture, religion, language and values. Being home to Mt. Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world, the city is very popular among mountain hikers and climbers, who often frequent Nepal for mountain climbing and trekking activities. The Lumbini and Chitwan National Parks of Nepal promise to pull you closer to the nature and experience its many wonders. Not to mention, the historical value of Pashupatinath temple is immense and hence attracts hordes of tourists and Hindu devotees every year.

During India Nepal tour, you travel to Delhi followed by Agra and then Nepal close on heels.

As a part and parcel of the India Nepal tour, you are picked up from the airport by one of our travel representatives who escorts you to your hotel room. After freshening up and taking adequate rest, you embark on your sojourn to Delhi-Agra-Nepal.

In Delhi, you visit all the popular historical monuments, museums, temples, markets and memorials. You explore more or lesser of Delhi during the visit to suit your individual preference and time frame at disposal. From Delhi, you take a road trip to Agra in a comfortable air-conditioned car and enjoy the long drive along the sprawling six-lane Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway. At Agra, you soak in the opulence of Taj Mahal – the most outstanding heritage site in India.

After coming back to Delhi and taking adequate rest, you board an airplane to Kathmandu. The air flight disembarks at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Our local representative from Kathmandu picks you up from the airport and escorts you to your comfortable abode in Nepal.

Throughout the tour, you stay in neat and comfortable accommodation to suit your budget and requirements. You always travel about in neat and clean and spacious vehicles manned by a well-mannered and reliable driver. The staff at your constant service is courteous and dutiful.