Can anything be more adventurous than exploring a distant oriental land like India on your own, throughout? Indeed, backpacking to such a divergent cultural landscape as India appears enthralling, but not without its share of risks and hitches. While your physical appearance tends to give away your roots from the West, your western origins expose you to the pros and cons of the inset colonial mentality at large. A great alternative it is to explore Indian destinations in a small group.

At Mytravelcon, we organize group tours for exploring this land of colorful cultures, majestic monuments, lavish landscapes, and romantic backwaters. Through the group tours, we offer you the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of India without compromising on your security, convenience and comfort. We ensure that your experience of India stays completely devoid of hassles and cheating, and full of excitement and fun, without having to burn a hole in your pocket. By choosing to be a part of a small group (not more than 12 people in a group), you also choose in favor of a much affordable trip, where expenses are shared by the group. Not to mention, exploring a place/ city alone may turn boring and even depressing at times. On the other hand, being part of a group of different nationals with common agenda helps you enjoy more and make new friends on the way.

Moreover, as you subscribe to one of our excellent group tours, a dedicated amicable tour guide will accompany you throughout the trip to keep you warm and attended in your time of need.