Set in the backdrop of beauty and salubrious weather,Cochin or Kochi , is one of the important place in Kerela .The ancient saga of cochin is often seen in the reminiscence of churches, synagogue and ancient mosques and is said to be the gateway of Kerela.The 12 Famous Places to Visit in Kochi City has attracted visitors and overall it is a perfect place for anyone seeking perfect relax.

Introducing Kochi

The British,chinese,dutch and portugese propagated about this city through their immense contribution existed in various forms for more than 600 centuries.There was a time when its shores proliferated various traders and explorers and seems first sign of trade liberalisation.that is why this city has world class port and international airport which is well connected to the rest of the world.

The city is prettied up with various historical sites combined with artistically buildings,decorative homestay and heritage accommodation.It could be an awesome experience to cherish memories against the backdrop of heritage acommodation.

Heritage Places / Sightseeing in Kochi

  • Willingdon Island

    From the sand dredged to the back waters of Kochi,there is only topic of conversation in and around this place when you see this man made Island .Founded in 1933 and since then it is the site of Cochin Port,Southern Naval Command Headquarters of Indian Navy and leading five star hotels.

  • Veega Land

    Man made amusement park offering various activities for kids and adults and surrounded by huge water theme park,ferris wheel and rides.

  • Cherai Beach

    Fabulous Sandy beach in the north of Vypin Island perhaps symbolises the best and safest beach . The sandy soil provide the ideal environment for all beach activities, games and the most enjoyable hunt ever.So allow youself to relax and taste coconut water or enjoy amazing panorama .

  • Parikshith Thampuran Museum

    The Durbars where Kings of Cochin used to talk and conduct meetings are converted into museum and oil Paintings,old coins ,sculptures are bestowed upon visitors and guests.

  • Chinese Fishing Nets

    The chinese fishing nets is one of the most beautiful sign of diplomacy in Kerela.Their presence in kerela remind us the good relations with china and introduced by Kublai Khan, a chinese ruler.

  • Fort Kochi Beach

    Is a holiday figure reveling the importance of coastal line.surrounded by colorful bazars and old buildings dressed up in European style, has been hailed as the most sought place in Kochi.

  • St.Francis Church

    The tomb of Vasco da Gama is of the essence of this church and exudes a portugese influence.

  • Vasco House,Fort Kochi

    This building is worthy of glorious praise since it is recognized as a residence of vasco da gama and believed to be constructed in 16th century .It is an exceptional building shining as a portugese influence.

  • Santa cruz Basilica

    As an epitome of the first european church in India and an ethos of  Portugese.It was built in 1505 but Britishers destroyed it 1795.The evergreen oil paintings were introduced by the britishers and  evinced as a basilica since 1984 when Pope John Paul declared II it in 1984.

  • Jewish Synagogue and Jew Town,Mattancherry

    is an absolute gift for Jewish refugees and was built in 1568 and decorated with chinese tiles and featuring crystal Chandeliers from Belgian.

  • Dutch Palace

    It was built in 1568 under the banner of Portugese but dutch modified it and bestowed on  Maharaja of Kochi as a lavish gift.The palace bear witness to the rich greatness of the history when you see great collection of mural paintings from Mahabharata and Ramayana,the hindu epics.

  • Bolghatty Palace

    An elite mansion built by Dutch people in 1744 and also known as Bolgatty Island.Now converted into a hotel and one could see huge golf course and horse riding tracks.