Situated at the border of the expansive Thar Desert, Jodhpur in Rajasthan is a scenic oasis dotted with heritage buildings, temples, museums, parks and plenty of shopping opportunities. Formerly known as Marwar, the state is the second largest city in Rajasthan after Jaipur. The city witnesses bright and sunny days the year round which is why it is also known as the "Sun City".

Introducing Jodhpur

Jodhpur – the pride of Rajasthan

Found in 1459 by Rao Jodhna of Rathore clan, Jodhpur is home to one of the largest and most magnificent fortresses in the entire Rajasthan – the Mehrangarh Fort. Comprising of an old walled city and a new city outside the walled city – local life here exudes a sense of simplicity and contentment, reflected across the multitude of modest houses and narrow passageways in the old city.

Heritage Places / Sightseeing in Jodhpur

  • Top 6 Jodhpur Tourist Attractions Places lead you to the Mehrangarh Fort perched atop a 150 meters high hill. One has to pass through seven gates to reach the massive fort from the 15th century. Marks of battles fought from the fort are still fresh on these gates and can transport you to the bygone era. The fort is home to several palaces, galleries and temples inside, including some sprawling courtyards and exquisite carvings. The Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort Museum showcases the well-preserved royal items like their costumes, paintings, weapons and palanquins. Worthy of particular mention is the view of the city of Jodhpur from the top of the fort. Jodhpur literally looks blue with several houses surrounding the fort painted in vivid blue colour. In fact, the city is fondly called the "Blue City" after the vistas.
  • Left to Mehrangarh fort, lies Jaswant Thada that is a cenotaph commemorating Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Made of white marble, the highlight of the cenotaph are some rare portraits of the Jodhpur rulers on display.
  • In Southeastern area of the Jodhpur on the Chittar Hill, the Umaid Bhavan Palace is a stunning instance of the Indo-Saracenic architecture. Built in 20th century on staggering one million square feet, the palace happens to be the largest private royal residences in the world – having been segmented into a museum and a heritage hotel and the royal residence where the contemporary generation of the royal family continues to live.
  • There are few must-do things in Jodhpur if time permits. For instance, you could go for zip lining trip around the Mehrangarh Fort and catch a stunning bird-eye-view of the imperial city.
  • Cooking classes at Spice Paradise are also a huge hit among tourists who find learning about the myriad of Indian spices here a lot of fun.
  • Shopping at Jodhpur is another rewarding experience as the city is home some very talented and dexterous artists.

How to reach Jodhpur

Being one of the prime cities in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is well connected with all major cities in India by road, rail and air. Jodhpur domestic airport is barely 5 kilometres away from main city and witnesses frequent flights to and fro Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Udaipur and Jaipur. In addition to all regular trains, "Palace on Wheels" also visits at Jodhpur railway station.

What is the best time to visit Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is like an oasis situated at the edge of the Thar Desert. This explains why the city also has a desert-like climate - dry and hot. The best time to visit Jodhpur is between October and March when the weather here is comparatively colder.