What makes India a great destination...

The words as 'amazing', 'it is different', 'it is coloured', 'it is enigmatic' won't even begin to describe a country that is called India. In fact it is indeed a privilege if you can visit this rare country or better still if you are born in to it.

One can list many records to set this country apart yet from the perspective of a human spirit this land won't cease to amaze you even for a second. Someone has very aptly tried to encapsulate what all India is about- He says for an European going on a trek of 10000 feet may be an adventure or an accomplishment where as his or her Indian counterpart may have just trekked about 15000 feet paying a visit to grandparents. Finding one million people for some religious gathering and an Indian would wonder where the others are. The comparison can add to bewilderment – quite understandable.

To keep the interest growing, let us take you through some of great facts about India.

# Fact 1: When the other half of the world was sifting through as forest dwellers and wanderers largely-India was already settling down as a civilization around the Sindhu river or popularly known as the Indus Valley civilization approximately around 10000 years ago.

# Fact 2: India is sprawling with buildings and monuments of historical importance almost every step of the way. In a way it is this multitude of places which makes it difficult to maintain its greatness in the upkeep of these places.

# Fact 3: Geographical, racial, linguistic, religious and caste diversity of India is mesmerising. This country is home to the majestic snow covered Himalayan ranges to the vast expanse of desert of Rajasthan.

There are about six main ethnic groups namely-the Negrito', the Proto-Australoids, Dravidian, Western Brachycephals, the Nordic and the Mongoloids. There are 22 main languages spoken in here- Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Kannad, Manipuri, Punjabi, Oriya and Urdu etc. Though Hinduism is the majorly practiced religion of India and is followed by Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism. India is definitely divided on a strict basis of caste system which ideally is categorization of people based on their work skills as the washer man, plumber, locksmith and jeweller etc.

# Fact 4: India has the largest postal network in the world with over 1, 56000 post offices and an unique floating post office at Dal lake in Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

# Fact 5: A magnificent symbol of modern engineering India is the Bandra Worli Sealink in Mumbai. It is said that the steel wires used in making the bridge is equal to earth's circumference. The weight of the bridge is expected to be around the weight of 50000 African elephants`.

# Fact 6: World's highest cricketing ground is located in Chail- a scenic hamlet of nature nestled in the Himachal Hills at 2,444 meters. It is a part of Chail Military School and was built in 1893.

# Fact 7: Among the new geniuses in the world of science Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam has taken India to new heights. So much so that Switzerland declared his day of visit to their country as science day.

# Fact 8: India happens to be the second largest country of English speaking people and also home to the world's largest vegetarian population.

# Fact 9: India is also famous for being the largest producer of milk in the world at more than 133 metric tonnes in 2014.It went through a life altering change in the form of white revolution under the supervision of Doctor Verghese Kurien and Our Prime minister Doctor Lal Bahadur Shashtri in the year 1964.

# Fact 10: India is the most beautiful country even from the space. It looks like a beautiful lady with crown.

# Fact 11: Until quite later India used to be the only supplier of diamonds in the world.

# Fact 12: Prior to British invasions India was of the richest country of the world and has never invaded any other country in its existence of 10000 years ever.

# Fact 13: Interestingly the popular game of Snakes and ladders was invented in India along with the classy game of Chess. The theory behind snakes and ladders was the game of virtues and vices. Virtues took you up the ladder where as vices brought you in a cycle of rebirth.

# Fact 14:Major Dhyan Chand –a wizard of hockey was offered German citizenship by none other than Hitler himself –a promised future which was declined by the Major after he had beaten Germany 8-1 in 1936.

# Fact 15: Shakuntala Devi known as the Human calculator could multiply a 13 digit randomly selected numbers-two sets in just 28 seconds. Can you believe that?

# Fact 16: Nubra Valley in the Ladakh ranges is one highest cold desert with rare vegetation is breathtakingly beautiful.

# Fact 17:Nanda Devi wild life park is worth a visit of a life time in tough and the second highest mountain in India.

# Fact 18: Lonar lake-Buldhana is famous world over for its rarity of salt water lake. It is said to have formed as an impact of meteor around 50000 years back.

# Fact 19: You know where is the world's wettest living space? It is Mawsynram-a village in Meghalaya North East India.

# Fact 20: The beautiful Taj Mahal- seventh wonder of world sits proudly like jewel carved out of marble in Agra.

# Fact 21: Hampi or Vijaynagar- the city of victory located in the state of Karnataka, listed as world UNESCO heritage site attract thousands of tourists because of its uniqueness even in its ruined state of about 500 monuments. This landscape breathes Hindu myths and folklore and has surprises strewn all over the place.

In the sharp contrasting lifestyles, religious beliefs, diverse and radically different traditions, an Indian at heart will never forget to smile amongst troubles and triumphs .So come and become a part of this beautiful country and its people and be assured to be thrilled and happy.