The ardour, passion and charm of this spectacular land in South Asian continent of the world called India is an enchanting adventure of the human spirit. The history is rich with its glory and replete with stories of grandeur, bravery, compassion and triumph of soul in the most adverse of circumstances. Once up on a time India was known as the golden bird of the world because of it wealth and rich natural resources. Home to the great Indus valley civilisation is also acclaimed as the founding stone of spirituality in the world. The spirituality was not about blind following of religious beliefs however scientific principles blended with ritualistic routines to maximise the benefit of the practice .And it is here where many forms of fairs and festivals were introduced and now has been followed over 5000 years. Though over the years people have lost the logics of the traditions but they are nonetheless followed with ardent fervour.

The country of more two thousand ethnic groups has a unique way of honouring and celebrating life. Being the second most populous country in the world and only second to Africa in linguistic, genetic and cultural diversity in world has a plethora of festivities and fairs to enthral and mesmerise your senses. Interestingly each such fair or festivals has way of offer reverence to Mother Nature. In fact all the deities worshipped are distinct symbols representing an aspect of nature. For instance –Lord Indra-king of all gods is the god of monsoons and rains. There are many such examples of appeasement of the lord of rains –Indra in places experiencing drought. Even the Indian classical music is so advanced that there are certain ragas (melodic modes)when recited is believed to bring rains.

The diverse geographical demographics of this country of 29 states and 7 union territories is spell bounding. For instance –the great state of Rajasthan primarily is desert expanse yet it contains a city of lakes-Udaipur and an oasis like Mount Abu. Each of these states has certain fairs and festivals as per the various seasons and to mark a change of season throughout the calendar year. The state of Jammu and Kashmir famously known as paradise on earth or the Switzerland of India celebrates most of the festivals like Holi (festival of colours), Diwali (festival of lights), Baisakhi festival(welcoming the season of harvest), Eid (festival of fasting and abstinence by muslims) as the rest of the country .It also host many famous religious fairs such as Amarnath yatra-the pilgrimage every Hindu embarks on once in his life time to offer reverence to lord Shiva. Bahu Mela(fair) in Jammu that offers prayers and reverence to goddess Kali to bestow her blessings and cure the ailments and troubles of the devotees. Then the famous pilgrimage of Mata Vaishnodevi to the symbol of shakti(power),symbol of knowledge and symbol of wealth during the navrattri festival (nine days of worshipping the female energy form).Further down the country's plains –Rajasthan is home to vibrant, colourful and interesting fairs and festivals such as Camel festivals, Elephant festivals,Gangaur festival, or the Nakki lake fair that will softly nudge your curiosity to explore more. The handicrafts, traditions, sovereigns and huge spread of fabric, leather products and arte facts are sure to take your breath away. If you travel towards the east of the country –the unparallel and grand Durga Puja festival in West Bengal or the further down north east – the Nagaland festivals will be stark contrast to the culture and tradition of rest of the country. In the southern region of country is home to royal celebrations such as Mysore Dusshera Festivals, Onam ,Pongal, Chittirai and boat race festival etc. The western state of Gujarat celebrate the festivals of Janamashtami (birth of Lord Krishna) kite festival during Makarsankrati, Gudhi Parwa of Maharashtra, the list is endless. Whilst planning a tour, plan it around these festivals which will provide you with an opportunity to witness the real fervour and gaiety that resides in the heart of Indians despite of difficult and challenging situations life poses in front of them.