Yoga – The Inspiration for a great life!

This five thousand year old –ancient art of living a full and healthy life – yoga -essentially means the union of individual soul conscious with the vast universal soul consciousness. Though it has become the true and full proof way of great and healthy life, its origin and the correct form still invites a lot of debate. It is debatable because of its impartment through oral discourses and many aspects of it kept hidden by the age old sages .Yoga and Meditations are even rumoured to be more than ten thousand year old technique.


Yoga helps a person unite with its inner most strength and intelligence. It becomes an magical art of harnessing one's utmost mind power and in turn combining it with the optimum physical flexibility and power. The power of yoga and meditation has been transcended by many yogis in India and have made them perform many unimaginable feats in their times. History is replete with tales of such yogic masters. One revered yogi of recent times is Paramhansa Yogananda who is famed across the globe for his spiritual strength. One instance of his life is that he was able to transform his non believing brother in law from a strict non –believer to a devout yogi using his yogic mental power.

Traditionally yoga has been fragmented in four major parts- innovation, practice, research and development. Its origin can be trace back to the ancient Vedic text – Rig Veda. Mystical seers (rishis) and Brahmans then researched and experimented with the basics and then evolved it over centuries to bring it to its current form. In ancient times it used to be the privilege of the Rishis and Brahmans to know and use the power of yoga as it feared to be misused by demonic forces. The main goal of yoga was to unravel self knowledge, karma yoga and gyana yoga by transcending the EGO!

It is during 1800s when the power of yoga was introduced to the west .Swami Vivekanda was one the first successful preachers of the scientific benefits of Yoga on the world platform. The rich and varied benefits drew many ardent followers from the west and it gradually became a universal art of living globally.

Now, India has become one the greatest sought after destination for learning yoga and tours specifically designed for a unique yoga vacation. Hinduism is the majorly followed religion of India and the rituals include lot of yoga postures, mantras and techiniques. The interesting part of yoga is that even the mantras have been formulated to provide renewed strength to the body whether ailing or healthy .It helps you call up on the inner healing power for the physical body as well as the soul- the atman. Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Kerala have establishes themselves as hot spots for holistic yoga and Ayurveda healing destinations on the global map.There are many spiritual retreats and yoga resorts throught out India helping you to find the innermost recesses of your dormant mind and spirit.People travel to so many places yet somehow are not able to feel that exhilaration in luxury or in austerity ,however an experience of the self in its primordial essence can open a dimension of you life that you would not trade for anything in the world for.