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Travel Tips for Travelling to India

Planning to visit India? Then these Travel Tips for Travelling to India will help you a lot. Travel is one of the most amazing things one can indulge in. Every place has a soul of its own .People, their lifestyles, culture and belief systems are so unique and gives you a peek in to life immeasurable treasures. For instance white is considered holy in the west is often used in wedding dresses which is in sharp contrast to India. For dressing Sense in India,you should be well informed. White color is for mourning of a loved one. In the west it is considered inappropriate to ask about someone’s marital status to a stranger however in India ,an old woman might walk up to you and just ask if you are married or not and if yes how many children do you have in utmost simplicity. So, that is the kind of cultural variation you might come across.

India is one of the largest subcontinents and known to be the oldest civilizations. The visit to this country is certainly going to be one of the rarest of rare experiences. Indians are very warm hearted people but their eccentrics might baffle you. Nonetheless, you can be assured of a great trip. However, as a word of caution, the following travel tips will save you a lot of time, energy, money and add to your safety as well.

India offers all kinds of stay according your budget. There are luxury hotels, five star hotels, service apartments, budget hotels, YWCA, YMCA hostels and home stays as well. The hotels adhere to international standards of hospitality. Ensure to have checked all your options as per your requirement and budget. Please ask to the check out the room before you confirm your stay. Home stays are increasingly becoming popular which gives you a sneak peak in to the day to day lives of local people.


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Travel Tips for travelling to India


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