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Exchanging Currency in India


While traveling to India and worried about Exchanging currency in India, it is important to make the right decisions about how much money to carry and how to carry the money for minimizing the risk of theft and fraud.

Carry some hard cash to begin with: It is vital to note that whatever may be your currency – be it USD, Euros, Australian Dollars or Pounds – all currencies can be easily exchanged in lieu of Indian Rupees (INR) in Indian banks, as almost all banks in India provide foreign currency exchange facility. Nonetheless, you should carry a reasonable (not too much) amount of hard rupees while traveling.

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Avoid foreign currency exchange at the airport: As soon as you’d step down the airplane in India, you’d come across outlets offering money exchange within the airport premises. It is, however, recommended that, as far as possible, avoid foreign exchange at the airport for the exchange rates at the airport are inordinately dearer. Indeed, what to expect from the mighty expensive real estates, where they sell mineral water bottle worth Rs. 10/- for Rs.100/-!

Transact in foreign currency wherever possible: You can try paying in foreign currency at the hotel you are staying, and even while shopping, because chances are they might accept the foreign currency.

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Exchanging Currency in India

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